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Historical About

Welcome to Alpha-Fox, a group founded in 2007 by Zachary Carter in the virtual world of Second LifeŽ. We create products and services that will make the residents lives easier. We do this through creating the most innovative and unique products we can, and making them the best they can be.

In Second Life, we are based inside of the region Subnova. We host services such as the AFVI system that allow a quick and reliable communication bridge between the outside world and the grid. We also create products such as the Transport Rings and the Zat'niki'tel using LSL, a scripting language used on the grid. In our spare time, we also run the largest Stargate Network in the Second LifeŽ world.

Team Members

We draw our team members from many different fields of expertise, ensuring a full range of skills available for anything we do.

Zachary Carter

The founder of Alpha-Fox. A skilled programmer that is experienced with both the Linden Scripting Language and PHP / MySQL. Joined Second Life in mid-2005.

Lex Mars

A skilled texture artist, modeler, and programmer. Works with dynamics, movement, and math in LSL. Joined Second Life in early 2004.

Wolfie Waves

QA tester for the Second Life Stargate Network, Alteran Stargate Network. Joined Second Life in early 2004

Peter Lameth

Support head for the Alteran Stargate Network. Joined Second Life in late 2005

Ash Qin

Helps Peter Lameth manage support and assists with encryption of communication systems. Joined Second Life in late 2005


In order to assist our services, we form partnerships with organizations in order to benefit both sides. Currently, we are in collaboration with the following organizations:

  • Subnova - Our recent partnership with Subnova has allowed us to move our Second LifeŽ based services to a more reliable server, as well as allowed us to establish our foothold in Second Life.
  • OS Labs - Our partnership with the Second LifeŽ based group, OS Labs, has allowed us to include high-quality DHDs in our Stargate package distributed in-world.
  • crazyLabs - The partnership with crazyLabs allows us to collaborate on some larger projects (such as the Alteran Stargate Network).
  • Quickfox - The partnership with Quickfox allows us to provide the #alphafox IRC channel as well as some new security technologies for the Stargate and other systems.

Services and Projects

  • Alpha-Fox Virtual Interface - A replacement service to the failing XML-RPC interface on the grid. It allows verifiable communication between the outside world and objects within the grid itself. It also provides a method of sending out regular e-mails in-world, as well as sending instant-messages to avatars on the grid. You can find more information about this service by clicking here.
  • Alteran Stargate Network - A compeltely free Stargate Network that has been in development since late 2005. You can find more information about this network by clicking here.

Product Listings

  • Zatnikitel Sidearm - A handweapon from Stargate SG-1 that resulted from joint development by Zachary Carter and Lex Mars. Features include a "one shot stun; two shot kill" system, as well as a simple point-and-shoot interface.
  • Alpha-Fox Teleport Systems - Teleport systems unlike any other, the Alpha-Fox Teleport Systems are a completely customizable and backend-server based teleport system for inter-region teleportation. Coming in multiple styles, these teleporters are possibly the most sophisticated in Second Life.


  • Powerful, but simple - We want to make our products easy to use, but not compromise any potential features. We will try to create products that are both powerful and easy-to-use.
  • Strong Customer Support - You can create a product. You can sell that product. However, without quality customer service you may not have very happy customers. We are committed to offering the highest level of customer service. If you've found a bug, have a problem, or need support, our support team will give you the help you need, and quickly at that.
  • Large Customer Base - You can advertise all you want, but a strong customer base is the best advertising ever. We have many customers, and many of our products are sold simply by word-of-mouth.




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