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Alpha-Fox Teleport Systems Manual



Alpha-Fox Teleport Systems

In order to recieve the latest updates and other important information, be sure that you join the Alpha-Fox User Group. You can also access the forums at

Section 1 - Setting up your Teleporters

1.1 - Basic Setup

To setup a basic teleporter system, you need only follow these steps.

  1. Choose your teleporter from your inventory and drag it in-world.
  2. Move the teleporter into the position you want it in.

Repeat the above steps for every teleporter you want rezzed in-world.

Script Monkey says, "Do not deed these teleport platforms to a group. It may end badly."

Note: Without changing any settings, your teleporter is set to "Public" therefore they will interface with any other teleporter in the region. It also will have a generic name based on the position. If you want to change this, see Section 1.2 on how to customize your teleporters.

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1.2 - Customization

Once you follow the steps above, you are ready to go. However if you want to attempt some more advanced customization, you can do this easily from in-world. The in-world interface is not the only method of customizing your teleporters. See Section 4 for more information about the online interface.

There are currently two ways to customize your teleporters via the in-world interface:

  1. The admin menu obtained by clicking and holding the teleporter for 3 seconds
  2. The Teleporter API

This section of the guide is going to detail the menu-method of customizing your teleporter.

When you click the teleporter and hold for 3 seconds, you will obtain a menu. You should see a menu with buttons in the top-right hand corner of your screen. All of the customizations you are going to want to do are in the Settings portion of the menu, so click that button. On the next menu that pops up, you have several choices. We will try to document each choice below.

Main Menu

  • Reset - Resets the transport platform.
  • UUID - Outputs the UUID of the transport platform.
  • Update - Checks the update server for a new version of the transport platform.
  • Website - Directs you to the main page for the Alpha-Fox Teleport Systems.
  • Upload - Forces an upload / download of all settings for the teleport platform.
  • Online / Offline - Changes the status of the teleport platform.
  • Delete - Deletes the platform in a way that reduces on server stress and removes it from the list immediately.
  • Settings - Provides the two submenus "Set" and "Change" below.


  • Name - Allows you a quick way to change the name of your teleporter.
  • Description - Allows you to change the description of your teleporter. This is an easy way to sort in which order the teleporters appear on the menu. They sort ASCENDING meaning 1 - 9 and A - Z.
  • Text Color - This will allow you to change the color of the online / offline hovertext.
  • Text Body - The same as the text color, except with the body of the hovertext.
  • Group - Allows you to change the grouping that teleporter is within. It will then show up in that group on the menu.
  • Ring Number - [RINGS] Allows you to change the number of rings that should be commanded to go up / down. This is particularily useful for the Custom rings.
  • Offset - [RINGS] Allows you to change the offset that the rings are rezzed at. This will allow you, for example, to make rings that come down from the ceiling. Set it to a higher number and they rez up higher and drop down to the platform.


  • Other - The new teleporters have the ability to teleport to an arbritrary destination within the current simulator. This is off by default due to security.
  • Sit Menu - This will toggle whether the menu is brought up by a teleporter when you sit on the teleport beam. This is on by default.
  • Privacy - This can be set to 2 settings, Private or Public. Private only shows your rings on the list and will not let anybody else teleport to your platforms. Public will allow your platform to display to other public platforms in the region regardless if you own them.
  • Access - Allows you to change the access settings. There are 4 access settings. All will let anybody teleport to that platform. Group will allow you to set a specific group (from apez.groups) to have access to that platform. List allows you to have a full list of people who you can allow / deny access to your platform. Please note in order to have group support, you must rez the Apez Integration object. See Section 5.1 for more details.
  • Debug - This is not really intended for public usage, it is just an easy way for us to debug problems if they arise by displaying all HTTP traffic.
  • Style - [RINGS] Allows you to change the ring style to one of the 5 choices.

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1.3 - Tips on Placement

There is nothing that you may hate more than teleporting somewhere with no way out. These tips will allow you to setup your teleporter to give the most pleasing experience to a traveler.

  • Do not place your teleporter in the air - Putting a random teleporter in the air with nothing to go to ... you probably don't want to do that. Most people don't like it.
  • Place your teleport platform above the ground - The rings cannot rez below the ground, so they need space so they show up below the doors. Please leave around 0.5m of space between the ring platform and the ground if using the doors.

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1.4 - Custom Objects [RINGS]

Some people wish to customize the rings differently from those provided. This is why the Custom rings are available. All you need to do is the following.

  1. Make a ring model.
  2. Rez one of the included ring styles from the inventory of the ring platform, and copy the af.movement.lsl script into your inventory.
  3. Create 5 rings, and name each description ring1, ring2, ring3, and so on. Copy af.movement.lsl into each ring.
  4. Move all rings to the same position, so they can all rez in the same position.
  5. Select every ring and make sure to tick the "Temporary" flag on object permissions.
  6. Take the rings in inventory, and name them Custom.

Just drop the Custom ring package into the inventory of the rings and set the style to Custom. Your rings should then work as any other style.

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Section 2 - Using your Teleporters

2.1 - Basic Usage

Using the teleporters is very easy. Walk up to the teleporter and click yourself, and you will be presented with a menu. For those of you familiar with the crazyLabs teleporters, you may also click the teleporter to get the same menu.

When clicking the menu, you may see a list of groups. This is shown when there are multiple "Groupings" of teleporters within a region. This makes for a lot easier organization if you are using the teleporters for a massive build. You may also see a button called "Other". This button if enabled will allow you to teleport yourself to an arbritrary position within the current simulator.

Note: There is no cross-region teleporting, due to the unreliability of sim crossing.

When you have found the number of the teleporter you want to go to, click it's respective number on the menu. Please be sure you are sitting on the teleport platform before doing this, as teleportation will commense after you push that button.

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2.2 - Object Transportation

Back by popular demand is the ability to transport objects. All you need to do is drop our (included) script (af.teleport_beacon.lsl) into your object, and place it within the teleporter and choose a location. The object will teleport to the destination when a teleport is commenced.

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Section 3 - Online Interface

3.1 - Teleporter Information Page

The online interface is not yet complete; more to come soon!

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3.2 - Customizing and Controlling

The online interface is not yet complete; more to come soon!

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Section 4 - Teleporter API

The teleporters are equipped with an "Application Programming Interface" or API which allows you to interface with our teleporters in both basic and advanced levels. There are two levels of the api, Public and Private. Public allows for anybody to submit the command to your teleporter, while Private is limited to only the teleporter's owner.

4.1 - Incoming API

The incoming API is commands that you can send to the teleporters in order to control it, change things within it, etc. The channel to interface with is -704000.

The commands currently accepted on this channel are as below. Notice that bold commands are public commands while italic commands are private commands.

Please note that ALL API commands must start with the UUID of the system you are talking to. For example:

keyofsomesystem|tp set offline

You may replace the key with all to make the API command go to all teleporters in the region.

tp reset Resets the teleporter
tp set offline Sets the teleporter offline
tp set online Sets the teleporter online
tp set style|<default/ ori/ trek/ movie/ alteran/ custom> Allows you to change the teleporter style (rings only)
tp set privacy|<private/public> Allows you to change the privacy settings
tp set access|<all/group/owner/list> Allows you to change the access settings
tp accesslist allow|<names,in,a,csv> Allows you to add people to the access allow list.
tp accesslist deny|<names,in,a,csv> Allows you to add people to the access deny list..
tp accesslist remove|<names,in,a,csv> Allows you to remove people from all access lists.
tp accesslist list Dumps the people on each accesslist.
tp set accessgroup|<groupname> Allows you to set the Apez.Group for the group access setting.
tp set name|<name> Allows you to set the name of the platform
tp set desc|<desc> Allows you to set the desc of the platform
tp set text color|<offline>|<online> Allows you to set the color of the hovertext
tp set text body|<offline>|<online> Allows you to set the body of the hovertext
tp set offset|<offset> For transport rings, allows you to set the offset the rings should rez at. Useful for making rings drop from the ceiling.
tp set ring number|<number> For transport rings, allows you to set the number of rings the platform should command. Useful for making custom ring types.
tp set otherdest|<0/1> Allows you to set whether you want people to be able to teleport to arbritrary destinations with your teleporter. Defaulted to 0.
tp force update Forces an update with the central server.
tp set sitmenu|<0/1> Allows you to set whether or not the menu is triggered when somebody sits on the teleport platform. Defaulted to 1.
tp set group|<group> Allows you to set the "group" that the teleporter is in on the menu.
tp set intersim|<on/off> Allows you to toggle the intersim setting
tp menu|<1/0> Allows you to trigger the menu for the person who owns the object this command originates from. Set 1 or 0 for admin menu. (It also does checks on the backend, so don't worry about hackage)
tp transport|other|<x,y,z> Allows you to trigger transportation to an arbritrary destination within the simulator.
tp transport|key Allows you to trigger transportation to another ring platform with the UUID <key>
tp ping Allows you to find (with the all prefix) all teleporters within a region.

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4.2 - Outgoing API

The outgoing API is the responses the teleporter outputs on various events. The channels to listen on for this chatter is -705000.

The various responses may change, but as of the time of this guide being written, the following responses can be expected.

tp style|<default/ori/movie/alteran/custom/trek> The teleporter style
tp status|<offline/online> The teleporter status
tp offset|<offset> The teleporter offset
tp rings|<rings> The teleporter ring numbers
tp initialized The platform for the teleporter has been rezzed
tp reset The teleporter has reset
tp negotiating|<key> The teleporter is negotiating with the target key.
tp starting The teleport sequence is starting
tp started The teleport starting effects are done.
tp transporting|<pos> The teleport is doing it's thing
tp finishing The teleport ending effects are starting
tp finished The teleport ending effects are done
tp cancelled The teleport has cancelled
tp pong Response from the "tp ping" command.
tp doors open (Rings / Televator) The doors on the ring platform are opened
tp doors close (Rings / Televator) The doors on the ring platform are closed.
style settings changed Ring style changed.
group settings changed Teleporter group changed
destination boundary changed Other mode toggle.
sit menu settings changed Sit menu toggle.
privacy settings changed Privacy toggle between private / public.
access settings changed Access settings changed.
names allowed successfully Result from adding names to access list.
names allowed unsuccessfully Result from adding names to access list. (invalid names)
names denied successfully Result from denying names on the access list.
names denied unsuccessfully Result from denying names on the access list. (invalid names)
names removed successfully Result from removing names from the access list.
names removed unsuccessfully Result from removing names from the access list. (invalid names)
access group not found Access group not found for apez.groups
access group settings changed Access roup changed successfully to an apez group
name changed Teleporter name changed
desc changed Teleporter description changed
text color changed Teleporter text colors changed.
text strings changed Teleporter text strings changed
ring offset changed Ring platform ring rez offset changed.
ring number changed Ring platform ring number changed.
arbritrary destinations not allowed Error when trying to use the API to teleport to an arbritrary destination.
no platform found Error when trying to use the API to teleport to a platform UUID that is invalid.
invalid api command API command is not valid.
invalid api destination API command is not available to you (wrong owner?)

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Section 5 - Official Addons

5.1 - Apez Integration

The Apez Integration is an object that will, with your permission, download your groups from apez.groups and allow them to be used for access lists on all teleporters. The instructions for use are fairly simple, just rez it and grant it permissions.

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5.2 - Custom Rings [RINGS]

Custom rings are available for sale through Alpha-Fox, which will fill the place of the Custom ring selection in the teleport rings. These rings when purchased need only to be placed within the contents of each ring platform you want to use them on, and the Custom ring style selected.

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Section 6 - Updating your Teleporters

6.1 - Update Policy

We will try to announce major code updates that may affect teleporter performance ahead of time, so people have time to prepare. We cannot however guarentee the status of the teleport network at any time, so the network may be taken down periodically for updates or maintenance. We will try to alert both the forums and the in-world group whenever an emergency takedown has taken place.

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6.2 - Types of Updates

The teleporters will be updated periodically to fix bugs / introduce new features. Some updates will require no new teleporters and some will require the update orb to be run.

  • Cases where no new teleporter will be needed are cases where just a new menu function or API command needs to be added.
  • Cases were just a code update will be needed is when one of the in-world scripts is changed, for example if an API response needs to be added in, or something changed with the teleport code.

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6.3 - How to Update

In order to update your teleporters, you need only follow 2 steps.

  • In your inventory, find the Update Orb included with the teleporter package and rez it in the region.
  • Click the Update Orb and every teleporter within the region will be updated. You must do this for every region you have teleporters in.

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Section 7 - Troubleshooting

7.1 - Common Issues

There are several common questions that we get asked frequently that we want to address in this first section.

Question: When attempting to teleport somewhere, the rings get "stuck" up and go down after about 10 seconds.

Answer: This is normal behaviour, and probably means the destination platform is either unavailable or has been deleted.

Question: Can you automatically update our teleporters? Do my teleporters update themselves?

Answer: It is up to the end-user to update their teleporters. You can obtain the latest version of your teleporter by using the "Update" button in the admin menu of your teleporter.

Question: Where is feature xyz and when can I expect bug abc to be fixed?

Answer: If you have a feature suggestion or bug report, be sure to report it in the forums. If posted in the forums, bug reports / feature requests will be responded to and responses will be posted on the status of the feature request / bug report.

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7.2 - Contact

If you have any problems with this product, feel free to send an IM to Zachary Carter or Lex Mars. Preferably, we would like you to use our support portal at:

You can also talk to our community of members on the Alpha-Fox forums:

If you do not have an Alpha-Fox account, or you have forgotten your password, visit a terminal in-world to register your avatar name:

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Section 8 - Information

8.1 - Disclosure

Even though these teleporters are purchased, the right to use these with our backend server can be revoked if you have broken the Second Life Terms of Service in any way.

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8.2 - Copyright

STARGATE SG-1 1997 - 2008 MGM Television Entertainment Inc. and MGM Global Holdings Inc. STARGATE SG-1 is a trademark of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

STARGATE: ATLANTIS 2004 - 2008 MGM Global Holdings Inc. STARGATE: ATLANTIS is a trademark of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The graphics for the ring doors were provided for use and remain the property of David Gian-Cursio.

All other objects, scripts, graphics, and audio files unless otherwise specified are property of the administrators of Alpha-Fox.

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Zachary Carter
Copyright 2009 Alpha-Fox

This manual was last updated on 15 March 2009.




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