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Freewalk User Guide



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Section 1 - Introduction

The Freewalk system was developed by Zachary Carter. The goal in mind was to have a simple system that allowed him to work around some of his larger builds without flying. Thus, the Freewalk system was born.

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Section 2 - General Usage

2.1 - Commands

The Freewalk system has several ways of activating it. On the Freewalk HUD, you can see that there are three buttons. The top button toggles the power, and the middle button pulls up the settings. The bottom button takes you here.

If you wish to, you can also control it via chat commands. The following commands are available.

  • /fw on - Turns the system on
  • /fw off - Turns the system off
  • /fw settings - Activates settings
  • /fw speed <VALUE> - Allows you to change the speed of platform rez.

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2.2 - Customization

We made this system as simple as possible, and therefore customization is not completely automated. However, the platform itself is completely modifyable so that you could create your own variations and replace the "Plate" object in the inventory of the Freewalk HUD. This allows for greater customization than could be provided via a script interface.

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Section 3 - Troubleshooting

Question: I turned the system on, but no plates are rezzing!
Answer: Please make sure you are on land that can rez prims, and that the "Plate" object is in the inventory of your Freewalk HUD.

Question: Why don't you provide a scripted interface for customizing the plates?
Answer: We felt that allowing you to modify the platform yourself would be eaiser, since you could do a lot more customization than would be possible with a scripted interface.

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Section 4 - Contact

If you have any problems with this product, feel free to send an IM to Zachary Carter. Preferably, we would like you to use our support portal at:

You can also talk to our community of members on the Alpha-Fox forums:

If you do not have an Alpha-Fox account, or you have forgotten your password, visit a terminal in-world to register your avatar name:

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Zachary Carter
Copyright 2008 Alpha-Fox

This manual was last updated on 7 September 2008.




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