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Presence Indicator User Guide


Presence Indicator

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Section 1 - Introduction

The Presence Indicator was developed by Zachary Carter. It sprouted from the need of a simple online indicator that allowed for online / offline time keeping, as well as the ability to send notifications or leave a message.

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Section 2 - General Usage

2.1 - Name

The indicator allows you to set the person to be monitored by their name. Simply edit the "Description" field of the indicator and change the name to whoever you want to monitor.

Example: Zachary Carter

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2.2 - Key

If by chance the name2key server is down, the device will notify you verbally. In this case, all hope is not lost. You can also set the person to be monitored by their UUID. Simply edit the "Description" field of the indicator and change the name to the UUID of whoever you want to monitor, with "[KEY]" as a prefix.

Example: [KEY]39dbea2b-6be0-47b1-8f64-3a83e1db617e

2.3 - Statistics

Once you've got an active monitor going, you can see all the statistics that are kept about the person you are monitoring.

  1. Avatar you are monitoring
  2. Current online status, as well as if they are in the current region
  3. Either (1) The hours / minutes that the avatar has been online OR (2) The hours / minutes since the avatar has been online
  4. The total hours / minutes the avatar has been online since rezzing the indicator.
  5. The total hours / minutes the avatar has been offline since rezzing the indicator.

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Section 3 - Troubleshooting

Question: My indicator is hung; that is, it is stuck on "finding name"
Answer: Due to the nature of LSL, the dataserver() event does not call on bad UUIDs passed with the llRequestAgentData(). You can change the UUID in the description to be correct and then click the indicator to run the check again.

Question: I've found a bug in your indicator
Answer: Oh no! There's good news though. Since all of our updates are free, we can send out a new (fixed) indicator free-of-charge. Just make sure to report the bug to our Support Desk.

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Section 4 - Contact

If you have any problems with this product, feel free to send an IM to Zachary Carter. Preferably, we would like you to use our support portal at:

You can also talk to our community of members on the Alpha-Fox forums:

If you do not have an Alpha-Fox account, or you have forgotten your password, visit a terminal in-world to register your avatar name:

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Zachary Carter
Copyright 2008 Alpha-Fox

This manual was last updated on 7 September 2008.




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