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Zatnikitel User Guide



Zatnikitel Sidearm

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Section 1 - Introduction

The Zatnikitel was developed jointly by Lex Mars and Zachary Carter. It is designed to be easy to use, and not invasive at all. Because of this it has a simple touch interface for arming / disarming, and once armed a simple point-and-shoot interface.

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Section 2 - General Usage

Using the Zatnikitel is quite easy. You need to attach both the "Zatnikitel Sidearm" and the "Zatnikitel Holster" objects to your avatar. The holster will attach to the left lag, and the weapon will be in the right hand. You can adjust as needed.

When attached, the Zatnikitel will be defaulted at "Disarmed". To arm it, simply click the holster body. Do the same when armed to disarm the weapon.

When shooting regardless of what method you use, your sidearm has a "2 shot system". The first shot will "stun" the user, sticking them inside of a invisible trap. Shooting that person again (assuming they are still in the trap) will then kill them. The trap will wear away in 1 minute.

2.1 - Death

The Zatnikitel allows for the use of the "Death" system included with the Alteran Stargates and freely available from Alpha-Fox. This system has the advantage that your land does not need to be damage enabled, and it allows for more creative things to be done.

To activate the death system, rez the object "Death Server" from your inventory. Make sure the object is deeded to your land, if your land is group land. YOU MUST BE THE OWNER OF THE LAND IN ORDER FOR DEATH TO WORK. On the front of it, you should see a small black button. Click that button to activate it, and you're done. If you want to turn off Death for any reason, you need only to push the button again.

Only one Death system is required per group, so multiple group members using Death do not have to rez their own systems.

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2.2 - Damage

The Zatnikitel also allows for use of Second Life's buggy "Damage" system. For this to work, your land must have "Allow Damage" checked.

The usage for the damage system is the same as using the death system, although we recommend the death system for RP purposes.

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Section 3 - Troubleshooting

Question: I don't know how to arm my Zatnikitel?
Answer: Please make sure that you have your "Zatnikitel Holster" attached, and simply click the holster.

Question: I'm clicking the holster and nothing is happening?
Answer: Please make sure you have the "Zatnikitel Sidearm" attached to your avatar beforehand.

Question: When I go in mouselook and the weapon is armed and I try to shoot, nothing is happening.
Answer: Your weapon may have lost controls. Detatch and reattach the sidearm (you do not need to do this to the holster) and it should work properly.

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Section 4 - Contact

If you have any problems with this product, feel free to send an IM to Zachary Carter. Preferably, we would like you to use our support portal at:

You can also talk to our community of members on the Alpha-Fox forums:

If you do not have an Alpha-Fox account, or you have forgotten your password, visit a terminal in-world to register your avatar name:

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Zachary Carter
Copyright 2008 Alpha-Fox

This manual was last updated on 7 September 2008.




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