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Knowledge Base

Orientation to the Support Portal

First time asking for support? Read this!

We want to be able to provide the highest quality of support for our users. However, if support lines are clogged with questions that could be better answered in the User Guides or other resources, you are taking away from time that could be spent on real problems.

If you are stuck or having difficulties with a product or service, please try these following steps.

General Problems

  1. First of all and we stress this, READ THE MANUAL. Many problems can easily be answered in the user guide. You can find user guides for everything we distribute here.
  2. Check out the Knowledge Base, which has a great number of articles that may help you with your problem.
  3. You can also visit the forums, which has a lot of input. You may find your problem has been answered by another community member.
  4. If the problem is with an Alpha-Fox product, join the Alpha-Fox User Group.If the problem is with the Alteran Stargate system, join the Alteran Stargate Network group. You can easily get help from other members, as well as staff if they are online.
  5. If you cannot find your solution using the above means, you can use our Support Ticket system. All support tickets will be reviewed within 24 hours. You will receive a response via e-mail (or email->im) when your ticket has been updated.

Bug Reports

If you have found a bug with any Alpha-Fox product, please report it in the Issue Tracker.

Feature Requests

If there is something you wish to have added into any of our products, you can post those in Feature Requests on the forums. Your feature request will be evaluated and responded to.

Make sure to check to make sure your Feature Request has not already been submitted.

Other Articles

  1. llTeleportAgent
  2. Map Destination Bug
  3. Custom Point of Origin for your Stargate
  4. Stargate Standards of Placement

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