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Alpha-Fox News


Scheduled Downtime (20100511)

10 May 2010, 3:05:16 pm - Go there

At approximately 2000UTC on Tuesday, May 11th, Subnova's upstream provider will be doing extended maintenance on the fiber ring. The work is expected to last approximately 6 hours.

All Subnova hosted services will be down for the duration of this maintenance. The Alteran Stargate Network and all other Alpha-Fox services are included.

Subnova's Google Apps hosted email will also be affected due to DNS services for Subnova being internally hosted (something that will be changed in the coming months).

The only way to contact me will be via my wireless. Our IRC channel on QuickFox IRC will remain online and available. Tachikoma will not be responsive and not post any news updates to the channel.

Hopefully, the maintenance will be completed early, and Subnova will return online quickly.
There is always the chance that something unexpected will occur, and any updates I get will be posted on the Subnova Twitter account.


Subnova Email Services Change

14 December 2009, 4:35:28 am - Go there

Subnova's email services are being outsourced to Google Apps.

As of tonight, there will no longer be any mail received by the Subnova hosted mail server.
Existing accounts on the mail server are not being automatically migrated to the Google Apps service. You will still be able to fetch existing emails and send email, however, any new messages will not be delivered.

If you are still using Subnova email, please contact me to have an account setup on the new service.

Recently, the mail server has started being hammered with incredible amounts of spam, despite my best efforts to block it. The software is old and horribly outdated. Using Google's free service is far more economical than attempting to purchase an upgrade to the server Subnova is currently running.

I am sorry for the lack of notice in this change-over, but the load is harming other services Subnova provides.


Stargate Mark 0

30 November 2009, 8:26:28 pm - Go there

The Stargate Mark 0 (also known as the Destiny gate or the Universe gate) is currently under development. It will likely not be ready until Q1 2010. Due to extensive changes and testing of the backend system for supporting an entirely new address set and the rather complex functions of this particular gate, it will take at least this long.

Until we have something worth showing, there will be no previews or beta.

We have the materials we need for building the gate, we simply have to have the time to do the work.

More information will be made available in due time.



19 November 2009, 2:49:20 pm - Go there

Until I have time to tear down this site and rebuild it from the ground up, I've created my own personal blog.

Yes, a blog.

It's at
It is actually updated almost weekly!

Subnova's future is still coming... it's just taking longer than we all hoped.


We're not dead, just sleeping.

27 June 2009, 2:51:25 pm - Go there

Subnova is on a bit of a vacation for the time being.

I'm currently working full time and a full time dad. My wife is making more of herself and at college to become a pharmacist (w00t!). She's also working full time.

Needless to say, I have very little internet time.

I've been trying to put together a new group of people to help me run this thing... maybe kickstart it and get something fun going again.

For now, we're still here... just not doing much on the interwebs.
If you're in Second Life, stop by Deshima station in the region of Deshima... that's where I spend what little free time I have these days.



Farewell, my Mother

27 March 2009, 5:29:50 pm - Go there

Barbara Inglima, Georgia Inglima, Joshua Inglima

Barbara Inglima
1955 - 2009

I love you mommy. I will miss you forever.


Alpha-Fox Teleporters Now Available

16 March 2009, 4:27:00 am - Go there

The Alpha-Fox teleporters are finally available!

A long needed upgrade from the crazyLabs Teleporters, the Alpha-Fox teleporters are now available from Apez .

If you have a crazyLabs Teleporter, please send an IM to Zachary Carter to get a FREE update.



Welcome Omnifox Xi as Alteran Staff

05 March 2009, 4:23:53 am - Go there

Today we have taken in Omnifox Xi as a new member of the Alteran Stargate Network administration team. He will now be able to help you with support requests, SSoP requests, and general problems with your gate in-world.

Please give him a warm welcome!


Stargate Universe Casting News

26 January 2009, 3:35:54 pm - Go there

Special Ops has opened the vault of Top Secret files - SGU Press Release

Click here to see the press release.

Please post comments about the press release to this post!


Stargate Atlantis Video: Brain Storm Featurette

26 January 2009, 3:28:36 pm - Go there

Special Ops has opened the vault of Top Secret footage - Brain Storm Featurette

Click here to see the video.

Please post comments about the video to this post!


Subspace Setup

18 January 2009, 5:31:23 am - Go there

The Gate Network is now running on Subspace, as well as all other Alpha-Fox services.

Subspace is a new server replacing the mutant server Chimera. The reason for the switchover is that Chimera was well over capacity, as could be seen by the many downtimes we have had, and the insane slowness of the website.

Thanks again to Mills Gazov for providing the new hardware for us to use. We'll be monitoring things closely, but we expect the overall performance of the network to be improved.


Happy New Year Everybody!

31 December 2008, 12:59:45 pm - Go there

Hi everybody, this is Alteran_Storm although most would know of me as Mills. Anyway as one of the first to be a part of the new year on behalf of everyone in Subnova I wish everyone a safe and happy new year.


Happy Holidays from Alpha-Fox

25 December 2008, 1:00:01 am - Go there

Happy Holidays! Everyone here at Alpha-Fox hopes you have a fun and safe holiday both in Real Life and Second Life :)


Account Sweep

24 December 2008, 7:01:32 pm - Go there

We will be doing an account sweep to find out what accounts do not have ties to a Second Life avatar. A requirement of maintaining an account with Alpha-Fox is that it be tied to a Second Life avatar.

If you have an account and have not yet tied it to your Second Life account, please submit a support ticket to have it done. Within the next few weeks I will be deleting accounts that do not have references to a Second Life account in the database.



Stargate Universe Press Release - 1st Cast Member

23 December 2008, 3:08:14 pm - Go there

Special Ops has opened the vault of Top Secret files - SGU Press Release

Click here to see the press release.

Please post comments about the press release to this post!


Stargate Atlantis Video: Back from the Dead

23 December 2008, 3:05:28 pm - Go there

Special Ops has opened the vault of Top Secret footage - Back from the Dead

Click here to see the video.

Please post comments about the video to this post!


AFVI System Open

22 December 2008, 4:11:22 am - Go there

We have just done a major rewrite in our AFVI communication system, and have now opened it up to the public. You can apply for an API key through our support desk.

You can find fully documentation on the system here. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them in the forums.



Subnova Core Services Down [RESOLVED]

19 December 2008, 2:19:14 pm - Go there

Overnight, there was an extended power outage that depleted the power reserve system here at Subnova.
This resulted in all the servers shutting down and various corruptions to database tables.

I've spent the past 30 minutes getting everything back online.

If your crazylabs teleporters are still having problems, try resetting the scripts using Tools -> Reset Scripts in Selection. A recent change by LRI to how HTTP errors are handled caused the old code in the teleporters to crash the scripts. The new Alpha-Fox teleporters should be ready Soon™.


Problems with HTTP Requests

18 December 2008, 4:43:13 am - Go there

It seems that Linden Lab is having problems with the Second Life Grid. These problems include HTTP Request headers not being fully received. If you have a Stargate that is consistently resetting, that is why.

If you have this issue, PLEASE vote on the JIRA issue below and include a comment on your region name. Either way, we do need votes for this issue to be resolved.


Season 4 Stargate: Atlantis Official Companion

16 December 2008, 6:38:12 pm - Go there

The world of Stargate comes in many different forms ?? films, TV series, and of course, books. Introducing the Season 4 Stargate: Atlantis Official Companion guide, packed with behind the scenes interviews, an episode guide and scores of photos, including a 16-page color gallery.

Check out more info and how to purchase it here.





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