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How do I get a custom Point of Origin (PoO)?

How can I get my own "Custom Dialing Ring" with a special point of origin, like the ones available to choose on the website?

We currently have no automated process for doing this. As of right now, you can take the following steps. Please note that these are only available for Milkyway Stargates.

Public-Use Glyphs:

Make a post in the Feature Request forum with a black and white (preferably) image of what the glyph should be. Make it as a poll with simple "Yes" (add it) or "No" (don't add it) questions. If enough people want the glyph, we will add it to the system.

Private-Use Glyphs:

These glyphs will not appear in the normal glyph chooser on the gate edit page. They are exclusive to only your Stargates. Currently the charge is a one-time fee of L$500 per glyph to be payed to Lex Mars. Please submit a Support Ticket under the "Custom Glyph Ring" department along with a URL to the black and white (preferably) image of what you want your glyph to be. Please note that a member of staff must be the one to assign it to whatever gates you own and request at this point in time.

Created on 08 April 2008, 7:47:35 pm and last updated on 14 December 2008, 11:06:25 pm by Zachary Carter.

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